Trolling Cold Callers

PPI now has some competition. I had a call today from Swansea.

Call Centre: Hello, am I speaking to Mr Redacted?
Me: Who is this?
Call Centre: Good morning! I’m calling on behalf of Company Name. It’s just a quick call to let you know you may be entitled to a tax refund. If you have to wear a uniform at work or if you take your work clothes home and wash them yourself. Do you take any of your work clothes home?
Me: Sorry. I don’t have any work clothes.
Call Centre: Do you have to launder any of the clothes you do wear for work?
Me: No. I work at a nudist colony.
Call Centre: (clearly not listening properly yet) This includes overalls, jackets, …….
Me: Sorry. It’s a nudist colony. I don’t wear any clothes at work.

Fair play to him. He didn’t give up.
Call Centre: Oh. (pauses to think) Well what about protective footwear? Work boots and so on?
Me: No. Our employer has a strict uniform policy. No clothes at all. The only exception is the chef. He has to wear a hat for hygiene. It’s a bit more pay, but I don’t want his job. It’s barbecue season now. You don’t want be a nudist chef at a barbecue.
Call Centre: OK then. Thank you for your time.
Me: Thank you. Bye.

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