Is This What a Shadowban Looks Like?

On Twitter, one of the people I follow is Mike Cernovich, the author of Gorilla Mindset.

Recently he has been posting about Hilary Clinton’s health and the people who seem to be rendering her assistance when out and about. This morning this came up.


I screen captured the image for the crop of Mike’s tweet with Fay Wray above it. ¬†Once I had done that and posted it in reply I went back to my timeline.


No sign of Cernovich. How odd.

Shadow banning is a method of silencing posters by not allowing others to see their posts. You can set up a forum so the shadowbanned person still sees all their posts, but no one else does. It has been suggested that Twitter, if they don’t want to outright ban someone, may be just “losing” a proportion of their posts. This is less likely to be noticed than a complete shadowban, and if it gets noticed can be put down to a software glitch. Of course, a software glitch may be the issue here. We shouldn’t assume malice when the facts can be explained by incompetence, but whatever the cause, when my timeline reloaded, Mike’s post was gone.

One more thought. Mike’s book is called Gorilla Mindset. If this is evidence of a shadowban, it was shown up when I took a picture of King Kong! Maybe there’s something to all these Harambe memes after all.


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