cropped-IMG_2726-e1467516076245-1.jpgThis is my first Blog.  I set this up for a few reasons.

First of all, to learn about how to set up a website. To do this when I don’t really have to. It’s seldom a bad idea to develop a new set of skills.

Second, I enjoy writing. Throwing together a few lines for my own amusement is one thing. Creating a blog means doing so in public. The difference between playing guitar in your bedroom, and going on a stage. Even a stage that only two people wander past changes the experience.

Third. I can use this blog to think about topics. By writing about them, force myself to take a point of view.  Though I may revisit the same topic another time, with a different point of view.  If anyone else wanders past and comments, maybe my point of view will change through that also.

Fourth. Events. I live in the UK. We just had a referendum on membership of the European Union. That result went the way I hoped, but it is currently causing carnage politically.  These are interesting times. This may initially give the impression that this is a political blog, but that’s just where things will start.  I plan to write on pretty much anything that interests me that day.

Bad jokes are just bad jokes.

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