PMT. What is it good for?

Absolutely nothing? That’s pretty unlikely. Look how common it is. By PMT I’m talking about the crabbiness that some women exhibit in the run up to their period. If you ask women if they suffer from this, then quite a few will say yes. If you ask their husbands or partners, they will probably agree. If you ask them out of their wife’s earshot, you may well get a “Hell yeah!”

YMMV of course. Women vary enormously in their monthly behaviour. Some seem to have little personality change, while some women are  fairly described by PMT memes. Evolutionary psychology suggests that if a behaviour is not in the interests of you passing on your genes, it will become less common over time. Surely crabbiness would impair your ability to reproduce?

There is a very straightforward evolutionary explanation to PMT. It allows people to escape infertility. Infertility is often a result of problems in just one partner. People can also be relatively infertile with one partner, but have no problems conceiving with another. For this reason, prior to the advent of expensive medical interventions like IVF, one of the most effective treatments for infertility was to get a lodger.

If a woman does not get pregnant, she will then experience the hormone shifts which trigger PMT. The mood altering effects of this make it more likely she will behave in a way that either drives her partner away, or makes her want to leave him.  One of three things can then happen. They can find someone else, they can get pregnant, or they can repeat the cycle of mood swings month after month. Because the purpose of this mood is to get people who are infertile together to move on, the vast majority of a woman’s anger will be directed at her partner. Other people are relatively safe.

A woman with severe PMT will not scream “you didn’t get me pregnant you loser!” She may well not consciously want to have children at this point, or even at any point in the future. But evolution has selected for behaviours that do lead to reproduction. So she is experiencing an irrational emotional state which she will then rationalise into a reason to be angry.

If you do not cause her belly to swell, she will find a casus belli to give you hell. She may complain if you don’t get promotion and in the next breath complain you are always at work. She will complain if you are not nice enough to her mother, and if you sleep with her mother. If she’s got it bad, you are not going to win.

If this is the purpose of PMT, what is the solution? Pregnancy is the obvious one. Anybody have any alternative suggestions? Just asking for a friend.

Is This What a Shadowban Looks Like?

On Twitter, one of the people I follow is Mike Cernovich, the author of Gorilla Mindset.

Recently he has been posting about Hilary Clinton’s health and the people who seem to be rendering her assistance when out and about. This morning this came up.


I screen captured the image for the crop of Mike’s tweet with Fay Wray above it.  Once I had done that and posted it in reply I went back to my timeline.


No sign of Cernovich. How odd.

Shadow banning is a method of silencing posters by not allowing others to see their posts. You can set up a forum so the shadowbanned person still sees all their posts, but no one else does. It has been suggested that Twitter, if they don’t want to outright ban someone, may be just “losing” a proportion of their posts. This is less likely to be noticed than a complete shadowban, and if it gets noticed can be put down to a software glitch. Of course, a software glitch may be the issue here. We shouldn’t assume malice when the facts can be explained by incompetence, but whatever the cause, when my timeline reloaded, Mike’s post was gone.

One more thought. Mike’s book is called Gorilla Mindset. If this is evidence of a shadowban, it was shown up when I took a picture of King Kong! Maybe there’s something to all these Harambe memes after all.


Trolling Cold Callers

PPI now has some competition. I had a call today from Swansea.

Call Centre: Hello, am I speaking to Mr Redacted?
Me: Who is this?
Call Centre: Good morning! I’m calling on behalf of Company Name. It’s just a quick call to let you know you may be entitled to a tax refund. If you have to wear a uniform at work or if you take your work clothes home and wash them yourself. Do you take any of your work clothes home?
Me: Sorry. I don’t have any work clothes.
Call Centre: Do you have to launder any of the clothes you do wear for work?
Me: No. I work at a nudist colony.
Call Centre: (clearly not listening properly yet) This includes overalls, jackets, …….
Me: Sorry. It’s a nudist colony. I don’t wear any clothes at work.

Fair play to him. He didn’t give up.
Call Centre: Oh. (pauses to think) Well what about protective footwear? Work boots and so on?
Me: No. Our employer has a strict uniform policy. No clothes at all. The only exception is the chef. He has to wear a hat for hygiene. It’s a bit more pay, but I don’t want his job. It’s barbecue season now. You don’t want be a nudist chef at a barbecue.
Call Centre: OK then. Thank you for your time.
Me: Thank you. Bye.

Boris is Foreign Secretary.

Chinese politicians and generals will all have studied the seminal book on warcraft and politics The Art of War, by Sun Tzu. My copy has notes by a former Red Army General.

Consider this quote.

“Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.”

Now consider this picture.


The Chinese are now absolutely terrified of how strong we are.